rainy with a chance of sunshine


Why Humid Hair Day?

Sometimes we have a humid hair day and there is just nothing we can do about it.  We can try to curl, spray and tame our hair all we want, but deep down we know it’s a mess. Generally my hair only gets that way after a storm, but praise the Lord the sun comes out eventually!

About the Blogger

dsc_0212Hi there! I’m Danelle and I am married to a wonderful man (who never really has a bad hair day) named Scott. We have two beautiful dog children, Molly and Jax. I am a Marketing Specialist, out-of-shape volleyball player, lover of Mexican food, and adventurer. I started this blog to share my story, my thoughts, my fears, my excitement and basically anything else that comes to mind. I will start by sharing about my husband’s fight with cancer.

This is our story, our struggle, our start.