I have debated for a while  whether or not to share my family’s story, but deep down I know God gave me this life to share. From the outside looking in we may seem like your average southern, married right out of college, head over heels in love young couple – for a while that’s who we were.

Scott and I (Danelle) were married on a hot summer’s day in June 2013. The day was perfect. The setting was perfect. The guests were perfect. Life couldn’t have been , you guessed it, more perfect. I mean how lucky was I? I got to marry the man of my dreams in front of everyone I loved and cherished. God sent Scott to me for a reason and at the time I thought it was just to do life together and have a grand ole time. We were young, we were vibrant, we were on a mission to have a blast together and nothing could stop us! Well boy was I wrong, after a year of marriage our faith got tested in a big way.

When you get married you don’t actually think about the “in sickness and health” line of your vows except for the occasional cold. I thought we had it made. I mean all we had dealt with in 2013/14 was buying a house and me getting my appendix out. Big whoop. Well life was about to get real, real fast.

Fast forward to Halloween night 2014. The night we found out Scott had Cancer.


Scott and I the day after we found out he was sick at our friend’s wedding.

That’s right – Scott had the big  C word at age 27.  We found out 12 days before his 28th birthday. The night before our friend’s wedding.  The night I was literally dressed up as Cinderella to pass out candy for the first time at our new house. The night our world got rocked – where our real journey began.

Talk about a humid hair day. I would say we were having a pull your hair out, shave it off like Britney kind of day.




5 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. I felt honored to be a part of that beautiful, “perfect” day. It was the beginning of a wonderful life together for a very special couple. So glad you are doing this blog. I can’t wait to read more. LIOB


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