Yep. Scott has cancer. The scariest word you can hear about your loved one.

Scott was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma. Unluckily for us he had both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma which meant he was not your average Lymphoma patient.  He just has to be different. (Insert side eye here)

People always ask, “How did you find out?” Well to be honest – I had no idea. Scott was just feeling down. He was self conscious about how skinny he was looking. He would barely eat and be full. He had night sweats and the middle of his upper back was hurting him.  The signs were all there, but I still didn’t recognize them. Scott went to the doctor in June of 2014 to see if something was wrong.  Me being the optimist didn’t think anything of it and neither did the doctor.  His blood tests all came back normal. He seemed fine.

Well at the end of September 2014, Scott started feeling worse, looking skinnier than ever, so he went back to the doctor. This time the doctor did an x-ray of his chest. They found a nodule. The dang nodule we later named Ned. (Had to keep things humorous to get through this.) So, as you can imagine, Scott was later sent to get a PET where we met Max the 11cm mass in his chest. Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of Max.  He was a real jerk.  How dare he take residence in my husband’s mediastinum a.k.a. the cavity that contains the heart and it’s vessels.  I mean who did he think we was?!

Ever felt like the worst wife on planet earth? I did. I seriously had no idea how bad he was feeling. It’s like I was in my own little world. How could I be so oblivious?  Why didn’t you notice sooner Danelle?  How could you be so selfish? Didn’t you see your husband go from 170lbs to 130lbs in the last 6 months? Not the best feeling in the world. Basically you feel like a piece of doggie do do.

Never the less, you get over the self-pity real quick when all of a sudden you are sitting down with the oncologist who is saying we don’t have a lot of time to waste, because the PET scan showed another nodule on his spleen. Surgery and chemo were our immediate options.

Scott was scheduled for surgery on his 28th birthday. (Let’s be honest no one wants surgery on their birthday, but he was a champ.)

img_4378He had three things done that day:

  1. Biopsy of the mass in his chest
  2. Bone marrow biopsy
  3. Port placed for chemo

Not so funny story – there was a complication during his surgery where the doctor couldn’t get to the mass in his chest due to all the scar tissue, so they had to turn him over on his side and go through his chest. (I anxiously paced in the waiting room during this with our families.)  This made the whole surgery 8 hours long and put him in the hospital for a week.  The doctor was amazing, but he did say he would never do that many things in one surgery again.  But all is well and Scott made it through and that is all that matters!

This was just the beginning, our faith was tested, we certainly did not understand, but I always hold to heart Matthew 6:34 “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself, each day has enough troubles of its own.”

People say God doesn’t give you more than you can handle – false – I think God gives us more than we can handle, because he wants us to rely on him and not on our own understanding.  We can’t do it alone.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” -Proverbs 3:5


Thanksgiving 2014 | Scott weighed 130lbs after surgery.


5 thoughts on “The Big C Word

  1. Well, it’s hard to say much of anything after reading that! However, I want to say just how good is our God, and how thankful I am to have two wonderful people like you in my life. Scott is one of the grittiest and most uncomplaining people I’ve ever met. You rocked it dude! And Danelle, you were right there in the fray. I’m so proud of the young woman you have become. I’ve told Scott before, and I’ll say it again: Like myself, you have married well, and so has Danelle! We are blessed. Love you both.


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