Sorry it has been FOREVER since I last wrote. Scott and I recently both got the bug that had been going around, so we’ve been fighting that off meanwhile I have left everyone hanging in the dramatic series that is our life.

So I left off in the Summer of 2015 when we just decided that Scott needed to have radiation on his Chest. 28 days of the most intense, pin-pointed radiation available. This meant that Scott was moving to Houston! He had to become a Texas boy for a month and we all know “everything is bigger in Texas” – including the apartment prices. The search was on.  We had a few days to find a decent apartment that was close to the hospital. We started by calling non-profits for young adults with cancer to see if they had any available rooms, but they did not – so we were on the hunt. We found multiple options, but with only needing a month the prices were extreme.

In the moment, you can’t believe these people/businesses would capitalize on the sick like this. They know good and well how much it cost just for medical bills and now they try to take your money just for a place to sleep. You feel outraged at the cost of a month’s rent, but looking back you understand (a little). These people are just trying to make money like the rest of us. Cancer is a profitable business if you think about it.

After a couple of days, we found Scott a bottom floor apartment (across from the NRG Stadium, where the Houston Texans play) with his room right next to the pool – which I was excited about. The apartment was within walking distance to the hospital, if you felt like conquering 100 degree heat then you could, but thankfully MD Anderson gives free valet parking to their radiation patients, so Scott drove.

After the apartment search, we had a few days to kill before the radiation began, so we wanted to do something fun. Come to find out Scott had never ridden a horse, so you can probably guess what we went and did immediately – we went horse back riding!

It’s so important to remember to have fun and make memories at all points in your life. No, life might not have been going the way we wanted it at the moment, but that wasn’t going to stop us from doing something we would enjoy.

We found a place that takes you on trail rides, which is perfect if you’ve never ridden a horse. Horses are pack animals and they follow each other, so this limits the room for error. We had an absolute blast relaxing and enjoying our horse rides! Scott is now a horse lover and comments anytime he sees a beautiful horse.  I think I have a budding cowboy on my hands…




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