IVF Round 2 Postponed

So sports fans, we were supposed to start our 2nd IVF journey this month. I planned out my life – I skipped on beach trips, didn’t sign up for volleyball tournaments, took all the vitamins, tried to minimize my coffee intake, even did acupuncture to prepare. So on the day I started my cycle I emailed the clinic to let them know I was ready! Well apparently the IVF clinic is closed in May and reopens in mid June for “quality control.”


What!? Seriously?! Don’t they know people make plans around being shot up everyday? Why wouldn’t you send out a schedule to your patients? These were my initial thoughts running through my “I want a baby and I want one now” brain. You could say I’m a bit sensitive when it comes to people taking advantage of my time. I mean don’t tell me to contact you in 90 days to try again and then tell me I can’t. Not cool. Not cool at all man.

So basically it looks like I will start my 2nd round of IVF in June and will start the shots around Tuesday, June 20th, which should prove interesting since I am supposed to be going on a bachelorette trip the weekend of June 23rd. Surprise ladies! Looks like my shots will be super strong, so cheers and here’s to hoping I don’t get nauseous!



2 thoughts on “IVF Round 2 Postponed

  1. I am always thinking of you two, but come June you will be in my thoughts and prayers🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 much more!! Good luck!!


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