I’ve been on my fair share of bachelorette parties, including my own, so I feel like I have some knowledge  to drop on the types of people that come to these shindigs. We all know that bachelorette trips can be a bit of a toss up when you combine all your current friends and past friends. You can only hope that everyone will get along.  Surely they will…

Here are the 6 types of Friends on a Bachelorette Party:

1) The Bride


We all know her. We all love her. We all are celebrating her! It’s her party and she is not allowed to cry.  We will let her have happy tears on her wedding day, but the bachelorette party is all about fun and shenanigans!

2) The Rager


This is “that friend.” The friend that is ready to partay! They are care-free and want to have a weekend of raging! No responsibility. No problem. She is here for the fun and will make sure the bride and everyone else is having it. You may ask yourself, “How does this girl have this much energy all the time?”  Good question. I have no idea, but she does and she is killin’ it!

And we danced all night to the best song ever!

3) The Mom


Every bachelorette group needs a “mom” friend.  (literally or not) This is the friend that will make sure the group stays together and everyone is accounted for when out on the town.  Make no mistake, the “mom” friend is fun, but she will watch for creepers and protect her tribe.  Also, the mom makes killer sandwiches if you happen to be on a beach trip.

4) The Go-with-the-Flow


This person is down for whatever, but most likely does not want to make any executive decisions. They just want to have fun or relax or both. Basically wants to do whatever the bride wants to do or what’s on the itinerary.

5) The Planner


Most likely the MOH – this person wants everything to be planned and ready for partying! All the ducks need to be in a row. They make sure the group has all the necessities, knows what’s going on, and is ready to make the most of bachelorette party! They are ready to have fun and don’t mind playing host.

I admit this is totally me. I also want to make sure the party has all the fun stuff, like tanks, hats, koozies, etc… I can’t help it! Someone stop me! (Or hire me to plan your bachelorette party because I don’t think I’ll ever be a MOH)

6) The Sleeper


Can you say nap central? This person can definitely hold their own on the dance floor, but they can also sleep in until noon the next day, so don’t plan on an early brunch.  They will most likely need an afternoon nap as well – just a pre-warning.  Then again, I think the older we get the more we can all relate to “the sleeper.”  I could use a nap right now actually…


I write this post as a nod to all the lovely ladies I’ve had the pleasure of celebrating with prior to their unions and the trip I am about to go on! Gotta love a good Bachelorette party! I’d love to hear other “types of friends” in the comments! See you on the flip side!



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