Alright ladies and gents, it’s finally time! Scott and I went in for our Baseline ultrasound today! Basically the first ultrasound in a series of a bunch of ultrasounds and blood work. After waiting over 4 months to try IVF again it is finally happening. We could use all the prayers you can muster over the next few weeks. Starting a family is our dream and I can’t wait to see it come to fruition.

This round has already been a little different. Last time I started my IVF round by taking estradiol on my peak ovulation day until I started my cycle. This time we are trying the birth control route, starting on the 3rd day of my cycle for 10 days – just took my last birth control pill on Sunday, June 18, 2017. Apparently they do this so they can control my cycle and time everything perfectly – lucky me.

I will have to admit that I haven’t taken birth control since I was in high school. I only tried it then to help with my terrible periods. They are the absolute worst almost every month. Back then the pills gave me horrible migraines, so I stopped taking them real quick. I’d rather deal with 2 days of cramps than a month of headaches. Can I get a witness?! This time was a little better; however, it did start with one full day of a terrible headache that I could not shake, but was finally a bit duller the next few days until it went away. I have to confess that the birth control this time made me really on edge and in a fog. I could hardly concentrate and every little thing would get under my skin, so I apologize to anyone I shot an annoyed look at or snapped on – that was the hormones talking. Sorry – I’m a jerk.

Anyways, I have to start taking my shots tomorrow Thursday, June 22, 2017 and through the weekend on my friend’s bachelorette trip. Luckily, there will be a nurse and a few pregnant ladies around who I can get to administer the shots. They have doubled my dosage from last round, so that’s going to fun for the ovaries. These drugs are supposed to help my eggs grow and mature. Generally, only one egg matures per cycle, but with this mega concoction hopefully multiple eggs will be ready to go! Last round I took shots for 10 days, which is probably the longest amount of time, so who knows what this round will be like.

I will try to record a video or take pictures of me getting the shots to share, but beware because they burn and I say really random things that make no sense but totally takes my mind off of the pain. Sorry, not sorry. Don’t worry I won’t cuss, when I say “random” I mean I will literally sing a song or count or something like that.

For now, here is a picture of my murse Scott from the last IVF round getting my shots ready. Isn’t he adorable?!


P.S. Say a special prayer for Scott as he almost had a panic attack at the pharmacy when he saw how much the drugs cost this time – remember they doubled the dosage, so it was a bit more expensive.  Thankfully my Nana loaned us the money to pay for the IVF treatment and helped with some of the pharmacy cost (totaling more than most cars cost), which not many people are fortunate enough to have such a luxury, so thank you to my Nana and late Papa for loving us and investing in our lives – literally. Scott and I love you and hopefully you will get a great-grandchild (or two) out of this!

Update: God is soooo good! So today (the day after we paid a crap load of money for drugs) I got paid my yearly bonus. This is the first I’ve ever received a bonus and had no clue how much it would be or when it was hitting the bank account. I honestly had forgotten about it. All of a sudden – BOOM – it was in our account today and covered basically the rest of the the cost of the IVF drugs! Can I get a Hallelujah?! 


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