IVF Round 2 [Shots – Video]

Shots – the least exciting part about IVF, but the most necessary. I had to take 225 units of Menopur and 300 units of Follistim daily, plus a prenatal and baby asprin. Luckily, my Doctor lets his patients mix the Menopur and Follistim into one shot – Praise the Lord! I would hate to take two shots a day rather than just one sucky one.

Here is a day by day look at how the shots felt and how they effected me. Check out the video of me getting all my shots at the bottom of the post.

It is important to note that every person is different and has different reactions to medications, so how I reacted to the medications might not be your story if you have to go through IVF. 

Day 1

The first injection is always the most frightening. I was anxious and not looking forward to it. I made the mistake of thinking that getting this injection slowly was a great idea, alas it was not. The medicine burns, so the slower you go the more burn you feel – oops – lesson learned. A big thank you to my friend Kellie for stopping by my house to give me a shot before she started her night shift in the ICU and for giving me a slow shot even when you knew better. I immediately felt nauseous after the shot, but the feeling went away relatively quickly.

Day 2

I was at the beach on my friends bachelorette trip when I got this shot. I was much more relaxed – probably because I was at the beach. My friend Julie (going to nursing school) gave me this shot much faster – still hurt. I was only her second human injection and I’d say she did a fabulous job! Thanks girl! I did however get a major headache this evening that didn’t go away for a couple of days.

Day 3

Woke up with that dang headache I was telling you about and had it all day. I felt slow and in a fog, which didn’t help me win at bachelorette olympics that day. After an entire day on the beach and in the sun I came up to the room and got my shot quick and easy – it still stung. (Thanks nurse Tam for you kind words and support!) I had to relax for a minute before heading back to the sand, which looking back I should have just stayed in the room after my shot, because I got super nauseous. I probably should have ate a snack before the shot. Hind sight is 20/20.

Day 4

Still had a headache on and off all day, but the shot was easy. I will say that I was feeling extra moody on day 4. Hormones.

Day 5

Today I traveled home from the beach and had the worst headache yet! I had to get a bag of ice from a gas station to put on my head just to relieve some pain for the car ride home. I was zero fun. My mom was able to meet me at my house after a day of work to give me my 5th shot. She didn’t go as fast as I had been getting them at the beach, so I may have told her to hurry up – oops. It was out of love I swear. Thanks mom!

Day 6

Went to the Doctor today for a check up. Come to find out my follicles hadn’t grown very much, so I was supposed to continue shots. That night I remembered that I should have been icing the location where I get the shot to help relieve some pain, so I did. Easiest shot yet! Took it like a champ.

Day 7

Today I felt tired and in a fog all day. It could have been because I had to drive an hour to work, but concentrating on anything and everything was hard. My abdomen was sore and I could definitely feel something going on in my ovaries – yay! Today is the day that I added cetritide to the mix. Cetritide is used to stop you from ovulating too soon. The shot itself still stung, so no change there. Maybe I’m just a huge baby. 

Day 8

Still felt tired all day, but not as bad as day 7. My abdomen was swollen and sore, so sitting bent over was tough – I did a lot of slouching. Shots got easy at this point. I mixed the meds fast and took the shot fast.

Day 9

Went to the Doctor again, have 2 follicles that are ready to go and a few more behind them still growing. No, I don’t make a lot of eggs (follicles), but all I need is one good one, so fingers crossed. The Doctor wanted me to take my regular shots again on this day to help the other follicles grow and schedule my Egg Retrieval surgery in a few days.

Day 10

I had to take one shot of 225 units of Follistim in the morning and then Scott had to give me the “trigger” shot at exactly 7:30pm. The “trigger” shot basically gives my ovaries the go ahead to produce the hormones needed to ovulate and make the eggs ready to go. This shot is administered through a rather large needle in the hip or booty. No, it did not feel great – I probably should have iced first. Never-the-less my butt hurts.

Well that is all 10 days of shots that I had to endure for the sake of baby. They burned. They made me bloated. They made me uncomfortable. They gave me headaches. They made me nauseous. They made me ready.


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